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Free gigs at Eurosonic

No ticket? No problem! 8 Free gigs at the Eurosonic/Noorderslag Festival The original article is written by Joris Heijkant – Groningen – Photo: ARCHIVE DVHN The Eurosonic Festival is sold out, and for the Noorderslag-part there are only still tickets for under 18 available. But

Leaving Groningen? How to get rid of your furniture

Furniture: how to get rid of it?

Furniture issues So, you have decided to leave Groningen. Or, more likely, you were forced to leave Groningen due to money problems, relatives that miss you too much, or issues with your study. Anyway, you have to get rid of all your stuff (you just

Donar one of Groningens Sports Teams

Groningens Sports Teams

Look, our alderman (Culture, Sports and many things more) of Groningen Paul de Rook tweeted about the sports teams  in Groningen! The volleyball team, as well as the basketball team won the Supercup! We’re very proud of them. Groningen is a city with a high

Bike rental in Groningen

Bike rental in Groningen

Are you an international student in Groningen and do you need a bike? Look no further. We’ve found just the right thing for you. With this plan, you can go wherever you want! Like college, supermarket, out, shopping, visit friends… Cycling is the fastest, cheapest

Cycling in Groningen

Traffic signs explained

Cycling in Groningen When you move to Groningen, or even when you’re here for a short time, people will tell you that you have to explore Groningen by bike. Did you know Groningen is THE BIKE CITY OF THE WORLD? Take a look at this

Groningen countryside

Countryside Groningen: worth looking at

Countryside Groningen: a welcoming surprise on your screen Take a look at this website. It is a place where photographers can send their beautiful pictures of Groningen. City, countryside, it doesn’t matter: LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS GRONINGEN IS! (Well, we already knew that, of course)