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City Beach Groningen / Stadsstrand Groningen

Brand new: the city beach Groningen! In Dutch: Stadsstrand. You can find this cute beach near the Ebbingekwartier/Ciboga terrein, it’s next to the Infoversum building. For your navigation: Vrydemalaan. Check this route description on Google Maps, it’s a three minute bike ride. So pack up your

cat café groningen

Cuddle with cats in this cat café

Already heard of the newest hit in town? A few weeks ago our first cat café opened its doors. A what? Yeah, that’s right: a café with cats. It’s so cute. And we also heard some rumors about a second cat café opening soon. We’ll

groningse nuchterheid small

What does it mean: Groningse Nuchterheid

Groningers often praise themselves for their “Nuchterheid”.  They even call it “Groningse Nuchterheid”. But what does it mean? Nuchter literally translates into: down-to-earth. At least, if you are talking about a state of mind. Because “nuchter” also means that you had are sober, had no alcohol


What is “Bloemetjesmarkt”?

All cities have traditions. And for Groningen an important tradition is “de Bloemetjesmarkt”. Translated: Flower market. But what is it? And what can you expect? Every year on Good Friday, Groningen transforms into flower-heaven. At the Grote Markt and the streets surrounding you will find


International-friendly Beauty Salons

Oh my, we actually had someone ask us a question! @wendytangz asked of we could write about international friendly beauty services. We didn’t think about this, but a language barrier might cause some pretty bad haircuts. Imagine that, yikes!  The search for beauty… What do


Questions for the Gemeente? Use Whatsapp!

From now on, you can use Whatsapp to ask the gemeente Groningen (municipality) questions. Channels like Twitter, Facebook, phone and e-mail were available before, but the gemeente thinks the free chat service is a useful addition. Spokesperson Hans Coenraads states that Whatsapp can be used for more


Visit local businesses during Open Stad

Curious about the different businesses in Groningen? Would you like to look inside? Well, you can during “Open Stad”, or Open City, in English. On Saturday, March 19th, more than 60 companies open their doors! Companies like The Factor.e, Holland Casino Groningen, and IBM Client Innovation


36,5% of Groningers feel unsafe sometimes

About one-third of people living in the province Groningen feel unsafe sometimes. Only 1,3% often feels unsafe. This is is above the scores of provinces Friesland and Drenthe, but below the national average, says RTVNoord on their website. The article is based on the “veiligheidsmonitor”