Bike rental in Groningen

Are you an international student in Groningen and do you need a bike? Look no further. We’ve found just the right thing for you. With this plan, you can go wherever you want! Like college, supermarket, out, shopping, visit friends… Cycling is the fastest, cheapest and nicest way to move in Groningen! (If you don’t know the rules, read this first.)

Bikeplan – Fietsverda Fietsen

Finally, a company that gets it. Fietverda started Bikeplan in August 2015. Bikeplan is set up for international students in Groningen and Leeuwarden, to rent a bike for 6 months, a year or a few years.

Rent a bike

Take a bike!

How does it work?

With Bikeplan, you rent a new or second hand bicycle. The rental prices start at €17 per month. For this amount, the bike is fully insured against theft and damages.  This means that if your bike gets stolen, you can get a new one the very same day! And you don’t even need a Dutch bank account. Just bring a valid ID. Hallelujah. Spread the word.

Get a discount

If you have an Erasmus Student Network Card, you can get a €5 discount! So it’s really meant for people like you. Use it!

Information about bike rental

Fietsverda is open 7 days a week, they have a store in Groningen and Leeuwarden.
Go visit them and ask the English speaking staff what they can do for you!
Poelestraat 56 (across the Enzo Bar, at the corner, near the water) in Groningen, or
Wirdumerdijk 19 in Leeuwarden (that’s Frisian soil).

You can send  all your questions to  or take a look at the website.


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