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How to travel cheap

As you all know, the cost of transport in the Netherlands is pretty high. But, if you want to travel without spending a fortune, that is not impossible. There are now many websites that offer discounts and packages for resonable prices. If you want to


Swimming in Groningen

Because it´s summer but the weather is not that clement, the range of weekend activities you can choose from is narrowed down to indoors activities. That is why, for the weekend I chose to go swimming. Sportcentrum Kardinge Kardinge Sports Center offers a variety of swiming


Groningen City Walk

Are you new in Groningen, you enjoy walking around, discovering the hidden gems of the city or you just wanna take advantage of the sunny weather?Then you probably like my next suggestion – A city walk. I myself am new in this town and walking in the


Public Speaking Club

The fear of standing up in front of a group and talking is so great that we fear it almost as much as death, in surveys at least. Even though I am a Communication and Advertising student and I have to talk in front of people


RKZbios Cinema

Out of ideas about how to spend your free time? What about going to the cinema? RKZbios Is a small and cosy independet cinema that is being runed by volunteers. Every week on Saturday and Monday starting at half past eight a different film is being screened.