City Beach Groningen / Stadsstrand Groningen

Brand new: the city beach Groningen! In Dutch: Stadsstrand. You can stadsstrand_groningenfind this cute beach near the Ebbingekwartier/Ciboga terrein, it’s next to the Infoversum building. For your navigation: Vrydemalaan. Check this route description on Google Maps, it’s a three minute bike ride.

So pack up your swimsuit and go chill at this unique beach

Very clean swimming water

Swimming? Really? In a canal? We hear you think! But you can! The water has been tested and turned out to be the cleanest natural water of Groningen. Just stay within the red-white dotted area and enjoy the water.

It’s going to be a long, warm summer we hope! See you there!

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More swimming options in Groningen

Just for the days that you want a change of scenery or the city beach gets to crowded: there are more options for swimming in Groningen! You can check out this overview in Dutch and written especially for families with children to figure out what places there are to discover. We will make an English version as soon as possible.

For now: de Hoornseplas is one of the go-to swimming places in Groningen. It’s a twenty minute bike ride from de Grote Markt and you’ll find lots of water, sand and grass. Be aware of the nudist area, if you don’t like naked bodies it’s good to avoid. If you do like enjoying the sun and water in your birthday suit, that’s the place to be :). There are signs announcing the area. De Hoornse Plas has no entrance fee, but do bring your own food and drinks. Check a route description over here.

We will back soon with more swimming options! And let us know what you like to read from us!

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