Climbing the Martini Tower

If you want to have the best view over the city, then Climbing the Martini Tower is the thing to do.

Located in the heart of the city,  Martinitoren is a 96,8 meters high tower, built in the 15th century. Initially it was 127 meters high but, in 1577 it burned down to 69 meter. In 1627 it was restored and brought to the hight it has today.

In order to get to the get to the top you have to climb 260 steps. The staircase is pretty  narrow and stip, but the rope on the side is a real help when climbing or descendig.

Even though climbing the Martini tower does require some determination and stamina, it is totally worth the effort. On your way up there are several levels where you can stop, enjoy the view and catch your breath.

Opening hours

From april 1 until november 1, from 11:00 to 17:00, the tower is open daily.

Entrance fee

For entering the tower you will need a special coin that you can find at the Tourist Office (The VVV building across the street). In return for  € 3.00 you will receive the special coin that will give you access to the tower. Also, you will receive  booklet that explains a lot about the towe.

Even though climbing all those steps might seem a bit scarry,  the view from the top is very rewarding.  Even if the weather is not that great, you soud definitely consider doing this.

If the article made you consider doing this, here are some pictures that will hopefully convince you to really do it.


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