Free gigs at Eurosonic

No ticket? No problem! 8 Free gigs at the Eurosonic/Noorderslag Festival

The Eurosonic Festival is sold out, and for the Noorderslag-part there are only still tickets for under 18 available. But lucky you: there are plenty of free performances and shows that you can attend! These 8 below are the ones you can’t miss :)

1) Eurosonic Air

The biggest stage of Eurosonic is on the Grote Markt. Good news: all the performances here are free. On Thursday you can swing with – among others – Gallowstreet en Kuenta | Tambu. On Friday, 16 (!) female rappers from Reykjavíkurdætur will enter the stage and Saturday afternoon Groningens own  ‘Kraantje Pappie’ will finish Eurosonic.

2) De 3FM-studio

During Eurosonic, the deejays from 3FM will make live radio from the Grote Markt. They’re located right on the corner of the Poelestraat and you can just walk in. If you’re lucky, you can witness a nice live session.

3) Platosonic

Musicstore Plato is one of the hidden diamonds at Eurosonic. Several acts will perform here (acoustic) in a very intimate atmosphere. All for free. This year, Rondé and Orange Skyline (and many others) will be there.

4) Grunnsonic

Together with Eursonic/Noorderslag, POPgroningen organizes an alternative festival called Grunnsonic. For instance at cafe De Warhol, brewery Martinus en club &Zo, local acts will perform. Grunnsonic lasts from Wednesday untill Friday.

5) 2 Meter Sessies

The little stage of 2 Meter Sessies is located on the Damsterdiep with free entrance. The music platform of Jan Douwe Kroeske will present short showcases from promising acts from here and abroad. Lasts Wednesday ’till Saturday.

6) Altersonic

This is a non profit Eurosonic alternative that goes back eleven years already. In De Drie Gezusters (Grote Markt), there will be three stages, on which several bands and acts will play for free.  According to founder Roelie van Lingen it’s the ‘stepping stone towards the real Eurosonic’.

7) Jagersonic

On January the 14th, pop stage Vera in the Oosterstraat organizes her own free festival. Co starring The Kik, Pé en Rinus and Traumahelikopter. Be there from 1 pm!

8) Pleuropsonic

Well, the name means something like ‘fuck off sonic’. Very creative and not really inviting. But metal, punk and those kind of musicstyle lovers can really go wild at this free festival. Lasts Wednesday ’till Saturday night, with performances in De Witte Wolf and the Crowbar.



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