Furniture: how to get rid of it?

Furniture issues

So, you have decided to leave Groningen. Or, more likely, you were forced to leave Groningen due to money problems, relatives that miss you too much, or issues with your study. Anyway, you have to get rid of all your stuff (you just can’t take everything with you). And then, you probably end up with all the big pieces of furniture. What to do? Help is on the way.

There are a few options, depending on the state your furniture is in. So take a look at it and decide what’s best for your situation.

1. Dump it

If you have a relative/friend with a car, you can bring your furniture (only if it’s damaged and not to be used anymore) to the ‘Milieustraat’ for free. This is a place where all the Groningen citizens can bring their bulky garbage (old furniture, garbage from renovating, pieces of glass, wood, old computers, et cetera) for free four times a year. There are two places in Groningen where you can bring it: Duinkerkenstraat 99 (down south) or Electronstraat 2 (up north). Bring your ID or passport just in case they ask for it. They also need your address.

2. Thrift Shops

The second (more easy) option is to let Mamamini (Groningens famous thriftshop) pick up your furniture. You can fill in this form on their website (name, email, phone number, streetname and number, postal code (not necessary), city you live in (Groningen, of course:)), and the stuff you want to donate. You can also add pictures, so they can see exactly what you want to donate). They will call you and make an appointment to pick up your stuff.
But be aware: they only take the stuff that is still looking good enough to sell. You can also bring in the stuff yourself at one of the stores. They have a big cargo bike, that you can rent (first hour for free), so if you live near a Mamamini, that’s an option too. (There’s one shop at the Noorderplantsoen, and one in the south of Groningen)

3. Sell

The third option is to sell your stuff at Marktplaats (the online market for second hand stuff; first create an account) or Facebook groups like this one, so you can still earn something for your trip back home :)

Sad to see you leave. Come back some time to this amazing city! Or as we say in Gronings: ‘Moi!’


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