Groningen through the eyes of a Romanian – First impressions

Moving into a new city, even for a few months, can be a real challenge. You have to deal with new people, a new culture, new language, new traditions, new city and a new climate. Being a foreigner is always challenging but it also has its perks – the biggest one being that you get to discover and learn new things.

At first sight, Groningen seems like a typical city from a Western European country, with old looking buildings among a canal but it is more than that. Walking through the city you can clearly see how the old meets the modern and you can find hidden gems with every step you take into the city center. From the Martini Tower to the University Medical Center, Groningen offers a wide range of old and new architecture perfectly blended together.


But the architecture and the looks are not the only impressive things about this city. The living boats, the multitude of bicycles and cyclists and the city center market are some important points of differentiation and also offer an amazing view.

Even though it is a quiet and calm city it becomes pretty crowded in the evenings and weekends. The city center offers lots of entertainment alternatives – you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner in one of the bakeries or restaurants that offer a nice view over the city streets, you can walk around to discover amazing streets and views or you can go shopping. The shopping street where most of the stores are located is always a busy place, mostly because almost every shop you are walking in has big discounts and offers.

From a first glance, Groningen is a city that has a lot to offer and awaits to be discovered. I am impatiently waiting to live here for the next few months and unravel all the mysteries of this city.


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