Groningens Sports Teams

Look, our alderman (Culture, Sports and many things more) of Groningen Paul de Rook tweeted about the sports teams  in Groningen! The volleyball team, as well as the basketball team won the Supercup! We’re very proud of them. Groningen is a city with a high standard for sports. But apart from participating in a sport yourself, did you know you can visit a home game easily every two weeks? And it’s not that expensive. And we beat everybody. There.

What sports teams should I know?

Well, you know, Groningen is at the national top of many sports. But especially basketball, soccer and volleyball are our specialties. Do you like one of these, or all of them? You can go see a match or follow them on Twitter!

  • Volleyball: Lycurgus @lycurgus_volley plays at Alfa College (near Kardinge)
  • Basketball: Donar @Donar_Official plays at Martini Plaza (near Stadspark)
  • Soccer: FC Groningen @fcgroningen plays at Noordlease Stadium (where the biggest Jumbo is, used to be called Euroborg)

Go visit a game!

The atmosphere when you visit a match, is wonderful. Especially at Donar. This team plays its games at the Martini Plaza (near the Stadspark), a beautiful big hall, where the crowd yells as if they’re already champions. They also have a mascotte and cheerleaders.  An experience you can’t miss!

If you like soccer, go visit FC Groningen at the Noordlease Stadium. Its nickname is ‘the proud of the north’, because honestly; winning at the FC’s home field is hard. Tickets are available for every regular game in the Eredivisie. They are 21 euros at minimum. Dress in white and green and sing along with the ‘farmer ’till I die’ song! :)

I’ve never been to a match at the volleyball hall of Lycurgus, but I’m sure the audience will be just as enthousiastic as with soccer and basketball.

Try it and let us know! Would you recommend it to other internationals?



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