Groningen through the eyes of a Romanian – The Experience

On my first day as an intern I was telling you how was Groningen through the eyes of a Romanian – the first impressions. Now, the time has passed, my internship is over, and my Groningen experience is coming to an end.  What have I learned in the past 3 months? I will tell you next all about the experience.

The city

My view of the city has´t changed that much from my first impression. I still see Groningen as a typical Western European town, with old looking buildings among a canal, where the new buildings are blending in with the old ones, forming the perfect landscape.

The only difference is the feeling you are getting when you step into this city –  the feeling of gezelligheid. From my first days here I felt like home, even though this city is totally opposite of the one I live in Romania.

The cyclists

No matter what you do, be aware of the cyclists.

One of the things that I first had to learn here was how to not get hit by a cycler. It might sound crazy, but here, they are everywhere, and they always have priority (thing that I had to get used to, and get over my ¨I am a pedestrian I have priority¨ idea).

The people

Even though I came here not knowing what to expect, I had the chance to meet some amazing people, that made my experience great. The thing that made me happy is that here, I haven´t encountered any stereotypes regarding my nationality. No one called me a gipsy, a begger or a thief.

The experience

I came here as a shy Romanian girl, waiting for a new experience and I got the best one I could get. This summer was great and I had an amazing time being and intern here. This internship was mor than a summer activity, it was a great way of exploring Groningen, of meeting new people and last but not least, a reminder that I love to write and I should do what I love the most.

I am very sad that I have to leave this city and that my internship here is over, but I leave hoping that, maybe, soon, I will come back.

Scpecial thanks

First of all, I have to thank Minke for the opportunity she offered me. The search for an internship is no easy job, and even though I was someone coming from a totally different place, Minke accepted the challenge and she allowed me to be a part of her team.

Thank you Eefje, Lisa and Anna for being amazing colleagues and making my adaptation easier.

Darienne and Emily, thank you for your help. I know that the platform will be in good hands after I leave.


I had an amazing time here and I hope that I will repeat this experience soon.

Tot straks!




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