What is “koopzondag”? About koopzondag Groningen…

Koopzondag. Literally: “Buying Sunday”. Kind of a thing for us in Groningen. And The Netherlands. For years and years and years and years, it was unthinkable that any shop would open its doors on a Sunday because of Sunday being a day of rest (and worship). In most parts of The Netherlands, this still is the case. In a lot of villages and cities on Sunday nothing really happens.

Koopzondag Groningen

However, not even that long ago, Koopzondag was introduced in some cities. At first, only a few Sundays a year shops were allowed to open their doors in some cities. Yes, this is controlled by the (local) government. Nowadays shops are allowed to open their doors every Sunday. In Groningen, that is. Most villages surrounding our cool city still maintain “Sunday rest”. And not every city in The Netherlands has these rules.

Shop till you drop in Groningen city

So, good news for you shopaholic!You are in Groningen! So you can enjoy our beautiful shops every day now! Also; shop owners really try to make something special out of the Koopzondag, so chances are there will be cool events in town. Nice, no?

Opening hours koopzondag Groningen

Well, you still can sleep in on Sundays, because don’t open until noon. And most of the shops close their doors at 17h (5 pm). Some supermarkets have longer opening hours. Albert Heijn en Jumbo provides apps to check the closest store and its opening hours.

And: attention, please! There are three exceptions! These Sundays shops will be closed:
Sunday March 27 2016 because of Easter
Sunday May 15 2016 because of Pentecost
Sunday December 25 2016 because of Christmas

However, some supermarkets will open anyway.

Koopavond Groningen

Also good to know: on Thursdays the shops open until 21h (9 pm). It’s called Koopavond. Literally: Buying Evening.

More information (in Dutch, sorry): toerisme.groningen.nl.

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Folkingestraat; coolest street in Groningen


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