best coffee in the netherlands

Best Coffee in the Netherlands

Coffee addict? In Groningen you can find the best coffee in the Netherlands. Café Black & Bloom, on Oude Kijk in het Jatstraat,  serves the best coffee in the Netherlands, according to Misset Catering Coffee Top 100 (the annual ranking of the best coffee serving hospitality companies

heritage day in groningen

Heritage Day in Groningen

Saturday, September 10th is Heritage Day ( Open Monumentendag) in Groningen . On this day, the most important historical buildings in and outside the city are open to the public.  The theme of this year’s event is: Icons and symbols, images and characters with a

cheap ns day return tickets

Cheap NS Day Return Tickets

Wanna travel through the Netherlands by train? Until september 25th, you can buy the cheap NS Day return tickets from HEMA. What is it? The Day return ticket allows you to travel out and back on the same route in the same day. As we have


Why Visit: Stadspark

The first few weeks of September are set to be warm and sunny. Why not make the most of the little bit of summer we have left and make a trip to Stadspark. Where? For those who have not been Stadspark is a lovely city

useful apps

Useful apps for when in Groningen

When you are new in a city, getting around might seem difficult. You don´t know where to go, how to get anywhere, if it is going to rain, from where to buy stuff, what you should visit, and so on and so forth. That is

groninger museum

Free admission to Groninger Museum

As of 1 September 2016, all students that attend college or university in the city of Groningen can visit the Groninger Museum for free. On Thursday, join  the  ‘Groninger Museum – Free Admission for Students!’ event and enjoy music, drinks, tours and events organized by

where to go swimming in groningen

Where to go swimming in Groningen

Finally, after  soooo many days of rain, the weather is amazing. And what is better when there are 30 + degrees outside than swimming ?- Nothing! ( Well…probably some ice cream or cold beer while you lie by the pool).  You want to find out where


Places to eat in Groningen

Stuck for somewhere to eat out? Fancy trying somewhere new? We’ve put together a list of a few places that we think are worth checking out! For Lunch La Provence Where? Ubbo Emmiusstraat 7, 9711 CA Groningen. On the way to the train station just

climbing the martini tower

Climbing the Martini Tower

If you want to have the best view over the city, then Climbing the Martini Tower is the thing to do. Located in the heart of the city,  Martinitoren is a 96,8 meters high tower, built in the 15th century. Initially it was 127 meters high