How to: find a doctor in Groningen

We hope you are healthy and happy, but student life can be tough. If something goes wrong, you should be able to get the help you need. We don’t want to talk about health insurances because that’s a way too complex issue. We do want


How to: get a bike in Groningen

So,you moved to Groningen. Welcome! You took care of everything: a room, your enrollment at the university, you checked your healthcare and you managed to find the nearest supermarket. Now what? Well… this can’t be a big surprise to you: you’re gonna need a bike.


Fuzz about the bus

Ok, there has been a lot of fuzz about the bus. The local government has decided that the city centre should be free of busses. As you may have noticed; the city town is a pedestrian area already. Cars are not to be seen, only