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Bike rental in Groningen

Bike rental in Groningen

Are you an international student in Groningen and do you need a bike? Look no further. We’ve found just the right thing for you. With this plan, you can go wherever you want! Like college, supermarket, out, shopping, visit friends… Cycling is the fastest, cheapest

cheap ns day return tickets

Cheap NS Day Return Tickets

Wanna travel through the Netherlands by train? Until september 25th, you can buy the cheap NS Day return tickets from HEMA. What is it? The Day return ticket allows you to travel out and back on the same route in the same day. As we have

cheap shopping

How to: cheap shopping

Who doesn´t like shopping? And most importantly who doesn´t like cheap shopping? If you want to shop and also keep a part of your money, here are some stores that will help you save money. Action Is a Dutch discoun-store chain  that sells mostly small, low


How to travel cheap

As you all know, the cost of transport in the Netherlands is pretty high. But, if you want to travel without spending a fortune, that is not impossible. There are now many websites that offer discounts and packages for resonable prices. If you want to

bus from groningen to amsterdam

Bus from Groningen to Amsterdam

Starting tomorrow – 07 July – FlixBus introduces a new connection between Groningen and Amsterdam.  Now, you can travel by bus from Groningen to Amsterdam in 2:25 h for only 7 euros. And not just a bus: Flixbis offers a bus with WiFi and electricity.