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Dutch Language Courses

Even though most people in Groningen are fluent in English, knowing at least some Dutch always comes in handy. That is why, today we are going to tell you about places where you can take Dutch language courses. Online courses If you have read our

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What does it mean: Groningse Nuchterheid

Groningers often praise themselves for their “Nuchterheid”.  They even call it “Groningse Nuchterheid”. But what does it mean? Nuchter literally translates into: down-to-earth. At least, if you are talking about a state of mind. Because “nuchter” also means that you had are sober, had no alcohol

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How to: learn Dutch

Not to sound arrogant, but Dutch people, especially students, are pretty okay when it comes to English. Well, mostly. We can tell you about the times in goes wrong. But it’s quite possible to get around Groningen without speaking Dutch. Most people who you come