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Cycling in Groningen

Traffic signs explained

Cycling in Groningen When you move to Groningen, or even when you’re here for a short time, people will tell you that you have to explore Groningen by bike. Did you know Groningen is THE BIKE CITY OF THE WORLD? Take a look at this


How to: Rent a Cargo Bike

Why rent a cargo bike? Well, because it’s a great way to transport stuff or people. Moving day? Bought a big piece of furniture? A cargo bike is your new best friend. We definitely recommend you to rent a cargo bike in Groningen. Where do I find

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How to get the most out of Facebook when in Groningen

And have an excuse to spend even more time on social media 😉 Despite what your mother might tell you spending all you time on Facebook could actually be good for you. Well maybe not all your time but as an international in a new

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How to: learn Dutch

Not to sound arrogant, but Dutch people, especially students, are pretty okay when it comes to English. Well, mostly. We can tell you about the times in goes wrong. But it’s quite possible to get around Groningen without speaking Dutch. Most people who you come