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Places to eat in Groningen

Stuck for somewhere to eat out? Fancy trying somewhere new? We’ve put together a list of a few places that we think are worth checking out! For Lunch La Provence Where? Ubbo Emmiusstraat 7, 9711 CA Groningen. On the way to the train station just

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What would a Brexit mean for Groningen?

Brexit explained Today, June 23rd, Britain is holding a referendum to decide whether to give up its membership to the EU or whether to stay and renegotiate the terms of their membership. Many people in the UK feel disillusioned with the EU suggesting that it

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How to get the most out of Facebook when in Groningen

And have an excuse to spend even more time on social media 😉 Despite what your mother might tell you spending all you time on Facebook could actually be good for you. Well maybe not all your time but as an international in a new