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where to go swimming in groningen

Where to go swimming in Groningen

Finally, after  soooo many days of rain, the weather is amazing. And what is better when there are 30 + degrees outside than swimming ?- Nothing! ( Well…probably some ice cream or cold beer while you lie by the pool).  You want to find out where


Swimming in Groningen

Because it´s summer but the weather is not that clement, the range of weekend activities you can choose from is narrowed down to indoors activities. That is why, for the weekend I chose to go swimming. Sportcentrum Kardinge Kardinge Sports Center offers a variety of swiming


City Beach Groningen / Stadsstrand Groningen

Brand new: the city beach Groningen! In Dutch: Stadsstrand. You can find this cute beach near the Ebbingekwartier/Ciboga terrein, it’s next to the Infoversum building. For your navigation: Vrydemalaan. Check this route description on Google Maps, it’s a three minute bike ride. So pack up your