The stories behind the statues.

If you look around in Groningen you’ll see a lot of strange statues. There is a story behind every single one of them, probably, but what is the story?
First of all the giant iron lady near the central station. You have probably seen it because it’s huge. Her name is Ultra, she seems a tall beautiful lady but trough her dress you can see her actual tiny, chubby legs. She is made to mock with the modern beauty standards.

DSC02217Then there is
this white horse in front of the central station, the locals call it ‘Het peerd van Ome Loeks’ which means The Horse of Uncle Loeks. It’s inspired by an old farmer who used to live in Groningen more than a hundred years ago. He had a racing horse which got sick and when it died people sang a song about his horse. It became a typical Groninger children song. Later, in 1959, artist Jan de Baat made the statue, a symbol of Groninger culture.

On the Hereplein is a big glass box, sometimes it’s empty but most of the time the is some kind of artwork in it.  Once in 2008, there lived a student in it for a week. It’s called the Tschumipaviljoen. It’s nice to swing by once in a while and see what kind of artwork is in there.
On the Herebrug is a statue of a naked girl standing on a sheep. The locals call it ‘Blote Bet’ in English: Naked Bet (Bet is an old Dutch Name). But the official name is ‘Landbouw en Veeteelt’ which means  agriculture and livestock. It’s made by Wladimir de Vries in 1953. In that time, it was very unusual to pose naked. The girl on the sheep was not supported by other people back then. She recently passed away.




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