What does it mean: Groningse Nuchterheid

Groningers often praise themselves for their “Nuchterheid”.  They even call it “Groningse Nuchterheid”. But what does it mean?

Nuchter literally translates into: down-to-earth. At least, if you are talking about a state of mind. Because “nuchter” also means that you had are sober, had no alcohol or even had nothing to eat. 

However, Groningers doe not praise themselves for not drinking alcohol, of course :). So they do mean their state of mind. Groningers are down-to-earth, they have a no-nonsense mentality. Groningse Nuchterheid is famous because Groningers do not make things look prettier than they in fact are. They do not flatter to get something done; they are honest and straight forward. They like doing instead of talking.

Some Groningers believe that this nuchterheid is harming the Groningen image. Because Groningers do not brag, but this also means they sometimes are too modest. Groningen is a beautiful city with beautiful people, businesses and other great stuff. So maybe Groningers should brag, once in a while. A bit less nuchter. A bit more proud.

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